Welcome to Łękuk Grange!


Łękuk Grange is located in the heart of Wild Masuria region, in the buffer zone of Borecka Forest on the picturesque shores of Łękuk Lake where, according to the report of the Institute of Environmental Protection we can breathe the cleanest air in Poland *. The Grange’s neighborhood is the kingdom of bison -about 100 individuals live here, which is more than the residents of Łękuk Mały (63 people).

The hilly landscape looks like small Beskidy Mountains. It is the habitat for diverse fauna: 139 bird species, including 128 species under strict protection, 15 wolves and hundreds of horned red deer, moose and roe deer.


Back in 1707, when Wilhelm Fleischer built the first wooden manor house in Łękuk, next door stood the murmuring original Borecka Forest, full of wild animals headed by the king of the forest – the European bison. Today, after more than 300 years, we can still admire these marvelous animals, watch white eagles high up in the sky, and breathe the cleanest air. With a bit of luck, we can have an encounter with extremely rare animals, such as wolves and even lynxes. The Borecka Forest is a bird sanctuary in an Nature 2000 area – there are as many as 139 different bird species nesting here.


We take the trendy word “wellness” more seriously than just soaking in bubbles. Guests come to Łękuk to regain their life energy. To get away from it all – the busy city life, traffic jams, and stress, take a look within ourselves, heal the soul and the body. There is something in the air, the landscape, and the people here – after a few hours, it makes you walk slower, look around more carefully, breath in nature with all the senses.


We welcome each and every guest to Łękuk with joy. We are not yet another hotel to sleep and eat; we are here to HOST you. From our first contact, we try to learn as much as we can about your needs and requirements to satisfy them the best.

We offer treatment to meet your needs and type of skin.


The Łękuk Grange is a dream destination for active leisure time and sports. We have hundreds of kilometers of great jogging and cycling routes – in the Forest, by the lakes, and in open area.

But mind: gravel in Mazury Garbate is not the same as the flat tarmac of big cities; here, you can feel what fatigue is! We have plenty of water as well. You can use canoes, pedalos, and boats to enjoy Lake Łękuk, the nearby Łaźna Struga, Sapina or any other Masurian river.


When in 1945 Delja Oeltjen was leaving Łękuk with her parents, she would have never thought that she will revisit the place – even if only for a moment – after several long decades.

Also our families lost their homeland – Krzysztof’s grandmother had to leave her manor house in the area of Kobryń (today’s Belarus), and Izabela’s grandfather, Warsaw upriser and experienced banker, was forced to leave for Masuria and work in the fields.


When we were taking over the Grange, the unemployment rate in the area exceeded 30%. There was a feeling of hopelessness and apathy. After the fall of the state agricultural farm, the place was in a very dire state. On the one hand this discouraged us, on the other – was quite a challenge and gave us a spur to act. We felt the responsibility for the future of this place and the local community.