Russian Banya

Russian Banya

Our Russian Banya is a traditional Eastern dry sauna heated by a wood-burning stove. Inspired by local traditions and the love for social bathing and feasting, it strengthens your body and helps you keep fit.

The Łękuk banya is hidden among the reeds on the lake, on the wooden pier with a viewing terrace. It consists of two parts: a steam room with the stove and a “predbannik”, or recreation room, where about 12 people can take their places around the table.

There is a ladder attached to the pier, which can be used at any time of the year to cool down your body after each visit in the steam room. In winter, our guests can jump into an ice hole or rub themselves with snow.



Whipping with birch twigs is an important part of this sauna experience. This traditional form of massage improves your blood circulation and completes the bathing ritual. Learn the secrets of the whipping ritual!

The banya’s atmosphere and surroundings make it a perfect place for a unique special event or team-building meeting. The predbannik is an ideal place to be filled with local food and drinks from our traditional menu. Upon request, we can combine the visit in the banya with a barbecue feast or dinner by the fire.

In our banya, you will quickly recover your strength after hiking, cycling or skiing in the Borecka Forest.




    • Russian Banya session
      PLN 150 / to 5 persons for first hour
      PLN 30 / each additional person for first hour
      PLN 125 / from 5 persons for every additional hour
      PLN 25 / each additional person for every additional hour
    • Birch twig massage – 7-10 min – PLN 55
      A treatment performed in Russian banyas for centuries. It improves blood circulation and cleanses your body of toxins. Used regularly, it increases immunity.