Anti-stress package

Relax far from the hustle and bustle of city life!

It is time to breathe the cleanest air in Poland, relax by a quiet, beautiful lake far away from the road, reach the state of bliss at our SPA, indulge in healthy food and sleep like a baby!

In order to remove permanent stress, but also to prevent it, we have prepared a special Anti-Stress Package. It is an ideal solution for those who want to cleanse their body and soul in a short time.

Stress is the body’s immediate response to factors which disturb its natural equilibrium. When it is moderate, it mobilizes us, when it is permanent – it ruins our health. How do you assess your stress level? Take good care of yourself and your loved ones before it affects you.

Relax for a few days in Wild Masuria, and you will feel the effects of regeneration long after you return home.

The Anti-Stress Package guarantees:

  • Peace, quiet, relax, regeneration and disappearing mobile signal 😉
  • Overnight stays (minimum of 2 nights) in stylish rooms of the Grange or the Old Granary, with comfortable beds and starched bed linen (book early – choose a room with a soothing view)
  • Meals served at our restaurant with a terrace overlooking the lake: breakfasts made of regional, fresh products (8–10 AM) and delicious dinners with a choice of dishes and home-made cake (5–7 PM)
  • Herbal infusion from local plants, including mint and lemon balm infusion
  • Unlimited use of a steam sauna and outdoor jacuzzi- open session from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM
  • SPA voucher of PLN 125 per each night of stay per person (treatments are chosen in advance or after arrival) 
  • Gym and exercise room at your disposal
  • Wi-Fi
  • Free CCTV-surveilled parking
  • 10% discount on Russian Banya 2 hours seassion

The Grange

from 854 PLN

Double/ Twin Room

Price for 1 person / 2 nights

The Old Granary

od 802 zł

Double/ Twin Room

Price for 1 person / 2 nights

Detailed pricelist, extra charges for rooms and additional information

Prices in low season
od 2.01- 10.02, 15.02- 14.04 oraz 19- 28.04.2022)

  • The Grange: 854 PLN/ 2 nights/ 1 person in double room
  • The Old Granary: 802 PLN/2 nights/ 1 person in double room

Prices in medium season:
od 11-14.02.2022 oraz 04.05- 14.06.2022)

  • The Grange: 908 zł PLN/ 2 nights/ 1 person in double room
  • The Old Granary: 824 PLN/ 2 nights/ 1 person in double room

Extra charges:

  • The package is available throughout the year apart from high season: summer holidays, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Easter and long weekends
  • Golfer Suite, Delja Suite or Fisherman Suite- an additional charge of 10% for the entire package plus under-occupancy charge.
  • Forest Manager Suite: 20% additional charge to the package price (if there are at least 4 persons – no under-occupancy charges).
  • LUX room- an additional charge of 10% for the entire package
  • Single room- an additional charge of 5% for the entire package
  • If there are fewer people staying in the room than beds, there is an extra charge for the unused bed (except for staying in a 2-bed room, for which the additional charge is specified above).
Additional attractions (extra charge):
  • Unique session in the Russian Banya – 10% discount
  • Birch massage- ritual in Russian Banya- 45 PLN/ person
  • Massages and treatments at the Spa
  • Bike rental
  • Kayaking and
  • Cross-country ski and ice-skates rental in winter

For quick booking call or e-mail us at:

Phone: +48 600 931 848
Phone: +48 (87) 428 40 59