Łękuk Bath Spa

Łękuk Bath Spa

Wellness is an indefinitely multidimensional word. It embodies everything that will give us HEALTH from the body cell to the deepest reaches of the SOUL. At our Spa in the heart of Masuria, we know how to achieve this state.

The Łękuk Grange Spa is a unique place with a beautiful, manor-house-style interior full of Masurian furniture with a natural scent of timber and essential oils. Our guests are welcome to use our Łękuk steam bath, jacuzzi tub in the garden, body care and massage rooms; we also provide a lounge where they can unwind between sessions, wrapped in warm blankets, sipping a herbal infusion.

Łękuk Grange’s holistic wellness approach is deeply rooted in nature and includes:

  • Spa treatments: Ayurveda-inspired, natural and Slavonic treatments, skincare and stress-relief treatments
  • Steam bath, jacuzzi and Russian Banya sessions
  • Healthy food from our vegetable garden and herbarium, orchard and forest, and from our neighbors’ cows and bees
  • Active recreation
  • Relaxation, peace and quiet, and the cleanest air in Poland
  • Deep sleep in good, old-fashioned starched bed linen
  • Clean water, Lake Łękuk and Łaźna Struga river

Our offer includes facial skin therapies, massages and specialist body treatments:

  • Slavonic rituals inspired by Ayurveda
  • Rituals in the Łękuk steam bath
  • Sessions in an authentic Russian Banya
  • Łękuk face treatments
  • Łękuk body treatments
  • Łękuk massages

For a free consultation, contact our consultants by e-mail at: spa@lekuk.pl or by phone at: +48 511 481 514.


Welcome to our wet zone: jacuzzi + steam bath (1 hour total).

Hotel guests (where not included in the package):

  • PLN 35 per person per hour, PLN 10 for an additional hour
  • Groups of up to 5 people: PLN 50 per hour, PLN 30 for an additional hour

Non-hotel guests:

  • PLN 40 per person per hour, PLN 15 for an additional hour
  • Groups of up to 5 people: PLN 100 per hour, PLN 50 for an additional hour

1 hour in jacuzzi (without steam bath) – PLN 25
1 hour in steam bath (without jacuzzi) – PLN 25

Please also take the time to see what our Russian Banya has to offer.