We take the trendy word “wellness” more seriously than just soaking in bubbles. Guests come to Łękuk to regain their life energy. To get away from it all – the busy city life, traffic jams, and stress, take a look within ourselves, heal the soul and the body. There is something in the air, the landscape, and the people here – after a few hours, it makes you walk slower, look around more carefully, breath in nature with all the senses.


Relax your mind and body

Some people get into the state of bliss in our bath, massaged after a busy cycling day, others, after running a few kilometers through the wild Forest, while some need to swim in the lake and relax on the beach. There are also Guests who want to talk and need attention. They are free to choose what they need the most.


On top of this we offer:

  • healthy air,
  • healthy food (own eco vegetables and herbs, eggs from village hens, cow milk, farm cheese from our neighbors, fresh fish, honey from the Łękuk beehives, own cold pressed rapeseed oil) – all this just-made according to traditional recipes,
  • relaxing massage and face and body treatment to make you feel better and younger,
  • time to heal and enrich our family relations and make new friendships (in Łękuk, many neighbors in the same settlement, who used to pass each other in the street indifferently, have become good acquaintances).