When in 1945 Delja Oeltjen was leaving Łękuk with her parents, she would have never thought that she will revisit the place – even if only for a moment – after several long decades.

Also our families lost their homeland – Krzysztof’s grandmother had to leave her manor house in the area of Kobryń (today’s Belarus), and Izabela’s grandfather, Warsaw upriser and experienced banker, was forced to leave for Masuria and work in the fields.

After many years, our family found themselves in Łękuk to rescue the ruined buildings of the former state agricultural farms. We met Delja Oeltjen, who was telling us the history of the place with tears in her eyes, and was so happy to see her family farm being restored to its former glory. We had a feeling that this is our obligation and mission.

We left our home, comfortable life, and friends in Zalesie n. Warsaw, a stable company in Warsaw, and returned to our home of Masuria. We pulled our sons away from their friends, costing them many sleepless and crying nights. We have put all our life savings into Łękuk; we took a mortgage, which will probably be still a burden to our children, or even grandchildren. For a few years, we worked day and night, on weekends and holidays, neglecting family, friends, and our own health. We wanted to give up many times.