When we were taking over the Grange, the unemployment rate in the area exceeded 30%. There was a feeling of hopelessness and apathy. After the fall of the state agricultural farm, the place was in a very dire state. On the one hand this discouraged us, on the other – was quite a challenge and gave us a spur to act. We felt the responsibility for the future of this place and the local community.

When they saw that the Łękuk Grange had regained its master, we won good neighbors, dedicated workers, and even friends. But this was not a quick and easy process. It is hard to win the trust of the locals even if one comes from the area. Many people did not believe that anyone would come to Łękuk, that tourism here had any future at all. Yet, they have begun to gradually see and appreciate the features of the place where they live, and began to act themselves.

The breakthrough was the grand prize in the national competition – “Poland Grows Beautiful – 7 Marvels of the European Funds” in 2011. Many people have begun to believe that this place indeed has a future, that they should trust us.

We have created a number of all-year-round jobs; during the summer season, we give work to extra people. We try to buy foods (milk, eggs, cheese, honey, vegetables, fruit) from local farmers. We rent horses, sleighs (in winter), cooperate with local natural scientists.

The Łękuk Grange is a member of the Wild Masuria Partnership seeking to preserve the natural and cultural value of the region. We are also a member of the Local Action Group LAG9 and the Local Tourism Organization “Masuria”.

We foster the idea of ecotourism. We think that each tourism business should benefit local communities. Therefore, we support the local school; we arrange free classes for the kids. Our center is open to the community.

We are committed to beautiful and extremely valuable nature in the region, and to the resources of our planet. Our center is heated with the state-of-the art straw-fired boiler house (with straw from our own fields). We have constructed our own sewage treatment plant, pumping stations, and fat separators. We use solar panels; we compost organic waste. We encourage our Guests to use towels longer, and thus reduce the frequency of washing. We use energy-saving lights and air-conditioning heat recovery systems. We promote cycling as an ecological mode of transport.

If you want to follow us, we would be delighted to help you arrange bonding trips combined with charitable activities for the needy in our area.