Hotel in Wild Masuria

Back in 1707, when Wilhelm Fleischer built the first wooden manor house in Łękuk, next door stood the murmuring original Borecka Forest, full of wild animals headed by the king of the forest – the European bison. Today, after more than 300 years, we can still admire these marvelous animals, watch white eagles high up in the sky, and breathe the cleanest air. With a bit of luck, we can have an encounter with extremely rare animals, such as wolves and even lynxes. The Borecka Forest is a bird sanctuary in an Nature 2000 area – there are as many as 139 different bird species nesting here.

Rooms with lake and forest view

From the nearby fields and meadows, we can hear the clangor of cranes, and the rattling of our Łękuk storks is one of the nicest sounds heard just as you wake up … the Łękuk Grange sits in Wild Masuria – close to Giżycko, and still far from the busy world. The region is well preserved, with red-tiled roofs, cobbled roads, and the scent of freshly-cut grass. Masuria without fast food, stalls with plastic souvenirs, or quads’ noise.

Most windows are overlooking Lake Łękuk and the Borecka Forest. “Fire and Water” restaurant terrace – a perfect place to savor the taste of coffee and admire the daily spectacle of the sunset – you can walk down to the beach and immerse yourself in water.

Regional products in Restaurant

We are trying to fully (albeit with due care for the environment!) use the riches of nature. When preparing meals for our guests, we use products from our own farm or buy them from local farmers. We use, e.g., ecological fruit, vegetables, and herbs grown in our garden, cold pressed oilfrom our own rapeseed, and honey produced by bees collecting nectar from the nearby meadows. Our neighbors provide us with fresh fish, cow milk, delicious farm cheese, eggs from village hens, dandelion syrup, and mushrooms and blueberries from the Forest. The Łękuk rapeseed oil, honey, and herbs are also used for treatment and massage in our SPA.

Nature is also slipping into our hotel (starting with our dog Gromit that learned to open the door all by himself). We have used natural material – old brick from the Łękuk brick works, old Masurian roof tiles, stone, and 100 years old timber beams. Our interior design follows nature around us. The village water well served as a prototype for the washbasin, the tiled stove for bathroom tiles and the toilets are … in the bushes.