Massages – Body Treatments – Sauna – Jacuzzi

The Łękuk Baths are open seven days a week, 10 AM to 10 PM. Stays, treatments and rituals must be booked in advance.

Łękuk Steam Bath and Jacuzzi

Our package holiday guests can enjoy the two attractions free of charge.

Łękuk Bath ritual (PLN 30 per 1.5 hours): Relax and de-stress as the warm steam wraps around your body. Lie down on a warm hammam table and take in the heat, letting your backbone feel the relief.

Łękuk Bath ritual with body scrub (PLN 60 per 2 hours): The therapist will prepare a special body scrub for you to apply yourself while enjoying your time in the bath.


Outdoor jacuzzi with hydro-massage (including a complimentary sauna session): The health-inducing properties of whirlpool baths have been known for a long time. The main benefit of hydro-massage is that warm water relaxes the body and removes tension. This type of treatment reduces stress, helps you unwind and improves your mood. As many as 57 massaging jets create thousands of tiny bubbles which have a beneficial effect on the skin. Hot bubbling water affects humans in a number of ways: physicochemically (through ion exchange between the skin and water), mechanically and thermally. Hydro-massage is used to treat arthritis, neck injuries, tension headaches, insomnia and the chronic fatigue syndrome.

A jacuzzi bath is an excellent way to relax, socialize or spend an evening with that special person.

Optimal number of guests: 5



Combined deal: jacuzzi + steam bath (1 hour total)

Hotel guests (where not included in the package):

– PLN 20 per person per hour, PLN 10 for an additional hour

– Groups of up to 5 people: PLN 50 per hour, PLN 30 for an additional hour

Non-hotel guests:

– PLN 30 per person per hour, PLN 15 for an additional hour

– Groups of up to 5 people: PLN 100 per hour, PLN 50 for an additional hour



Łękuk Massage Experience

Deep relaxation – full-body, head and foot massage

Enter a deep state of relaxation with this calming and soothing massage. It will cleanse your body and restore its natural harmony, eliminating stress and negative emotions.

Duration: 90 minutes, price: PLN 170


Warming hot oil and stone massage

Immerse yourself in the warmth and release the tension. You will feel relaxed as your muscle tone decreases and tissues become more nourished. Human touch, stone therapy and warm oil will also improve your blood and lymph flow.

Duration: 70 minutes, price: PLN 160


Full-body relaxation massage

This full-body massage counteracts the body’s negative reaction to stress, eliminates involuntary muscle tension and restores the correct heart rate. In addition, it has a wonderful effect on your nervous system and stimulates your skin, muscle tissue and circulation.

Duration: 50 minutes, price: PLN 120


Focused relaxation massage

This is an ideal way to unwind for those who work hard and deal with a lot of stress. It reduces the muscle tension that accumulates in specific areas of the body, brings deep relaxation, revitalizes your body and improves circulation.

Duration: 30 minutes, price: PLN 90


Head and face massage

This relaxation treatment relieves headaches and rejuvenates and tones your skin with head, face and neck massage. The head massage also brings relief from stress-related conditions, such as chronic headaches, eye muscle strain and neck/shoulder stiffness.

Duration: 40 minutes, price: PLN 90


Face, neck and neckline massage with a skin scrub and vitamin ampoule

This treatment includes a relaxing head massage, an enzymatic scrub and a deeply hydrating, rejuvenating face/neckline massage with tangerine vitamin oil. You will feel fully relaxed, and the skin on your face and neck will be hydrated and rejuvenated by the lifting massage and the power of the vitamin ampoule. In addition, the papaya and pineapple enzymatic scrub will add brightness and shine.

Duration: 50 minutes, price: PLN 180


Łękuk Facial Skin Therapy

Dry skin therapy

Deep hydration is what your dry skin needs the most. To keep it looking fresh and healthy for as long as possible, we apply hyaluronic acid during the treatment to keep water in the epidermis. As a result, your skin will remain smooth and supple for a long time.

Duration: 50 minutes, price: PLN 110


Sensitive skin therapy

Is your skin sensitive? Does it need soothing? If the answer is yes, this treatment is made just for you! With such ingredients as chamomile, azulene and linden tree flower, your skin will feel calm and soothed, while hazelnut oil will reinvigorate it and slow the aging process.

Duration: 50 minutes, price: PLN 110


Oily skin and “Acti-Mat” treatment

This is an innovative normalizing treatment for oily and combination skin with large pores, prone to blackheads. By using a corundum micro scrub, it makes your skin visibly smoother. The aloe vera, algae and grapefruit extract and green clay contained in the Duo Mask leave your skin hydrated, deeply cleansed and smooth, with a matte appearance and nicer color.

Duration: 60 minutes, price: PLN 150


Rejuvenating ampoule treatments

Are you looking for a face treatment that will deliver instantly visible results? Ask us which ampoule treatment will best fit your needs.

Skin brightening and firming treatment

This treatment tones, rejuvenates and strengthens your skin. With a combination of sorghum (rich in vitamins B2 and C as well as polysaccharides) and elastin polypeptides, it prevents premature sagging of the skin while providing the components needed to give it a beautiful, more youthful look. It is recommended for all types of skin that lack luster and have the tendency to lose flexibility.

Duration: 60 minutes, price: PLN 180


Deeply moisturizing face and neckline massage

This relaxing massage uses an ampoule with a wonderful tangerine aroma and oily consistency. Squalane (as a natural source of vitamins A, E and D) and azulene revitalize, nourish and restore the skin.

Duration: 60 minutes, price: PLN 180


Propolis-based soothing and calming treatment for irritated skin

This is an excellent treatment for sensitive, redness-prone skin with dilated capillaries. It soothes all forms of irritation and reddening, leaving your skin calm and making you feel good.

Duration: 60 minutes, price: PLN 180


Skin brightening and oxygenating treatment

This oxygenating face treatment increases the amount of oxygen absorbed by epidermal cells, quickly giving the skin a more beautiful and dazzling look. The secret behind the treatment’s efficacy is the use of oxyzomes – state-of-the-art liposomes infused with vitamin C in its most stable form. With this unique and precise delivery system, the vitamin is released in the skin all day long. By using hyaluronic acid, the treatment has a visible hydrating and smoothing effect, making the skin look young and giving it a healthy color and radiance.

Duration: 60 minutes, price: PLN 180

Skin Firming, Hydrating, Cleansing and Brightening Treatments

“Luminous Skin” brightening, smoothing and rejuvenating therapy

Immediate relief for facial skin affected by stress and fatigue. Through a combination of active vitamin C, freeze-dried seaweed and precious green olive oil, this treatment has a visible firming and brightening effect on your skin, leaving it flexible and gentle to the touch so that it can dazzle with a natural shine and beauty. The treatment is perfect for smokers and guests with sun-damaged skin.

Duration: 60 minutes, price: PLN 300


“Elasto-Firm” firming therapy with collagen fibers and elastin

Is your skin grey, limp and prone to losing tension? We have the treatment for you. A unique mask woven from marine collagen fibers and elastin will strengthen your skin, restoring its natural flexibility and resilience. Your body will feel like new!

Duration: 60 minutes, price: PLN 280


“Oxyvital” oxygenating therapy

Performed using an aloe vera ampoule rich in skin regeneration stimulants and a collagen fiber mask, this treatment is ideal for sensitive skin, including skin with dilated capillaries and rosacea. It oxygenates and restores the skin, reducing redness and irritation. This will make your drowsy skin spring back to life, regaining its freshness, softness and healthy color.

Duration: 60 minutes, price: PLN 280


Eye area therapies

Relaxation therapy to eliminate swelling and shadows under the eyes

This treatment uses a ginkgo biloba veil to make capillaries more flexible and oxygenate the skin around your eyes. A cool compress applied onto the eyelids reduces shadows and swelling, making the eyelids fresh and light. This treatment is particularly recommended if you spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen.

Duration: 40 minutes, price: PLN 130


Vitamin care and relaxation for the eyes

This treatment involves a cream mask rich in vitamins A, C and E.

Duration: 30 minutes, price: PLN 50


Łękuk Body Scrub Treatments

Firming body scrub with algae

Are you feeling that your skin has gone gray, and lost its firmness and color? This unique grainy body scrub will deliver instantly visible effects. Marine algae combined with natural jojoba beads will deeply cleanse and oxygenate your skin. Thanks to such minerals as calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron, zinc, manganese and selenium, this exfoliating treatment will leave your skin mineralized, revitalized, beautiful and smooth to the touch.

Duration: 40 minutes, price: PLN 110


Tropical salt mousse

This treatment is the most natural way to regain health and radiance. The aromatic pineapple and papaya or mango and passion fruit scrub will gently cleanse and pamper your body, filling it with sea salt – famous for its high concentration of minerals. As water is added, the exfoliant transforms into a fluffy foam to release rejuvenating negative ions, helping restore your skin’s energy and vitality.

Duration: 30 minutes, price: PLN 140


Silky body scrub treatment

This treatment uses a light cream scrub for excellent skin cleansing. An innovative formula enriched with nourishing chamomile, sage and rosemary effectively regenerates the epidermis, while tiny Jojoba beads subtly cleanse it and make it smoother. As a result, your skin regains its velvety softness and shine. This scrub is recommended before a massage or other body treatment to deliver optimum benefits and enhance the experience.

Duration: 40 minutes, price: PLN 100


Łękuk Holistic Body Therapy

“Lumafirm” ritual: This relaxing lift and glow treatment includes a full-body massage to reinforce the therapeutic effect and produce a deeper state of relaxation.

The four-step body therapy combines 26 dynamic ingredients and sophisticated systems to deliver them deep into the skin, making it more supple and radiant. After the treatment, your skin is moisturized, smoothed and visibly brightened, your body is de-stressed, and your relaxed inner self is full of youthful vitality. Thanks to a lemon verbena extract and saffron oil, your body is also surrounded by a unique, stimulating fragrance.

Duration: 120 minutes (including 45 minutes of massage), price: PLN 310


Detoxifying algae body wrap

This effective treatment cleanses and mineralizes dry and fatigued skin. Your body is covered in warm algae and gently wrapped. Once it is cleansed from all toxins and de-stressed, you will feel energized, and your skin will stay hydrated and smooth for a long time.

Duration: 60 minutes, price: PLN 220


Rejuvenating and energizing body treatment

This tropical treatment full of papaya and pineapple extracts combined with natural crème fraîche and pomegranate juice will take you to a world of warmth, relaxation and calmness. Wrapped in captivating vanilla and tropical fruit fragrances, you will experience a wonderful sensual journey that leaves your velvety smooth and nourished body looking young and radiant.

Duration: 60 minutes, price: PLN 240


“Chocolate Euphoria” chocolate-based therapy

Relax to the rich chocolate aroma as the therapist performs a Thalasso scrub to make your skin ideally smooth, then indulge in a delightful chocolate massage. The hot liquid chocolate you feel on your body is a unique, clean form of cocoa pulp from the exotic Côte d’Ivoire. Combined with a rare mixture of natural oils, including jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, almond oil and macadamia oil, it has excellent restorative properties. Finally, a chocolate mousse will be applied to emphasize the effects of the treatment with its aroma. With a sweet snack to top it off, this will be an experience to remember.

Duration: 100 minutes (including 45 minutes of massage), price: PLN 240


“Cranberry Feast” skincare treatment

Enjoy our vividly fragrant skincare treatment designed especially for dried and dehydrated skin. The session begins with a cane sugar full-body scrub. Next, your body is covered with an aromatic liquid mask made of fruit and cranberry oil. We recommend this as a one-time treatment whenever you need quick skin relief, relaxation and rest.

Duration: 110 minutes (including 40 minutes of massage), price: PLN 220


Anti-Cellulite, Therapeutic, Mineralizing and Rejuvenating Therapies

Green coffee anti-cellulite therapy

Strengthen your body and make your figure temptingly slim. This slimming body wrap treatment helps you lose body fat, improves metabolism and eliminates the excess water retained in your body. 100% pure micronized green coffee enriched with natural chlorogenic acid, polysaccharides, proteins and essential oils makes the skin smooth and reduces cellulite, swelling and roughness. For men, this treatment is provided as part of a targeted body-building program.

Duration: 60 minutes, price: PLN 250


Restorative foot treatment

This rapid-response treatment is ideal when you need to make your feet smooth and get a maximum restorative effect quickly. The therapist performs a Thalasso scrub using a biolipid fluid with red algae and fruit acids. A massage then follows to ensure that the active agents contained in sea algae penetrate deep into the skin of your feet.

Duration: 30 minutes, price: PLN 60


“Aromatic Moor” peat body wrap

This effective and comprehensive therapeutic peat procedure has been known since ancient times. Your body is covered with warm, aromatic Canadian peat from natural peat moors, which contains natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes. The compress relaxes your muscles, removes pain, improves circulation and relieves the accumulated stress. This treatment is particularly recommended if you suffer from rheumatic pain or if you have sustained sports-related injuries.

Duration: 60 minutes, price: PLN 200


Łękuk Men’s Experience

“Skin-Fit” – exclusive caviar rejuvenating therapy

Forget about skin aging. Try this proven and tested, highly effective and sophisticated treatment specifically designed for men. A rejuvenating caviar extract, skin-firming collagen and restorative lyophilized Escutox™ will restore your skin’s life energy. Lemon verbena and patchouli will relax your skin and give it a lasting fresh and elegant fragrance.

Duration: 60 minutes, price: PLN 280


“A Man’s Charm”

Would you like to moisturize your skin, dried and irritated by air conditioning and central heating? This refreshing treatment combines the moisturizing properties of natural active agents with propolis to make your skin look healthy and radiant.

Duration: 60 minutes, price: PLN 180


Express therapy for the active

Does your tight schedule make it hard to find time for facial care? We have a solution for you. This tailor-made express treatment will moisturize and regenerate your skin by delivering what it currently needs.

Duration: 30 minutes, price: PLN 110


“Sportmen” peat body wrap therapy

This effective and comprehensive therapeutic peat procedure has been known since ancient times. During this treatment, your body is covered with warm, aromatic Canadian peat from natural peat moors, which contains natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes. The compress relaxes your muscles, removes pain, improves circulation and relieves the accumulated stress. This treatment is particularly recommended if you suffer from rheumatic pain or if you have sustained sports-related injuries.

Duration: 60 minutes, price: PLN 200


“A Moment for Yourself”

A warm oil massage with elements of stone therapy. For centuries, humans have attributed therapeutic benefits to stones, which due to their excellent properties exert beneficial influence on the entire body. A hot stone massage combines the effects of thermotherapy, drainage and acupressure. It is an excellent way to de-stress the body after physical exertion, relax and reduce symptoms of fatigue. In addition, the warm oil helps reduce tension and adds an aromatherapy experience to the massage.

Duration: 70 minutes, price: PLN 160