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One of the nicest elements of each holiday is indulging in food, tasting local cuisine. At the Łękuk Grange, you can have it without leaving the hotel…

A stylish and cozy interior of the “Fire and Water” restaurant with a large terrace and a romantic view over the lake will welcome you here.wesele w łękuku

Our menu combines the taste of the regional and exquisite European cuisine. We also have a menu for non-meat-eaters, vegans, and vegetarians. All dishes are prepared before serving according to traditional, proven recipes from whole ingredients, including our own fruit, vegetables, and herbs, cold pressed rapeseed oil from our own fields, or fresh dairy products delivered by local farmers.

You will start your day with good food, satisfy your appetite after active outdoor recreation, and relax your senses during a romantic dinner.

For special celebrations, our cooks will prepare special dishes. Bon appétit!

wesele folwark łękukWesele Folwark Łękuk