For ages, gathering at the table had been a sacred time. Slow meals, full of warmth, conversation, friendly banter and delight over the taste of the food were a foundation of family and social life.

Today, we hardly have time to savor our meals, virtually swallowing a quick sandwich in-between meetings. While we do save a few minutes, think about what we lose in the process. At the Łękuk Grange, time slows down…

Let us sit together, switch off our mobiles, put away our laptops, and taste our carefully prepared regional delicacies made from top-quality local produce.

They say that our attitude to eating largely reflects our attitude to life. So, let us celebrate each and every bite!

Tradition and nature reign at the Łękuk Grange, with our experienced chefs cherishing the sense of taste and skills that were passed down from their mothers and grandmothers.

Taught to use the gifts of the local nature and, at the same time, raised in the Masurian cultural melting pot, they choose their ingredients in an interesting and balanced way.

Their absolute masterpieces include fruit and vegetable preserves and jams made not only from strawberries and blackcurrants, but also courgettes or pumpkins – all grown in our garden here at the Grange.

Cucumbers in different variations – traditionally fermented, low-salt pickled in summer, gherkins and baby gherkins with sweet Chili peppers – are waiting here for our Guests.

In our kitchen, we use our own cold pressed rapeseed oil made from the crop of our own fields. The oil is ideal not only for frying, but also – due to its unique taste – for salads or bread.

Supporting and fostering local, traditional methods of food production is of huge importance to us, which is why we only buy proven products from our local farmer friends. Here, you can try delicious milk from cows grazing on juicy Masurian meadows, delicious farm cheese or fresh eggs from happy hens.


  spiżarnia łękukCucumbers Korniszony z łękukaświerzonka z łękuka