“FIRE AND WATER” Restaurant



Farm cheese on toast PLN 13

Beetroot carpaccio sprinkled with goat cheese       PLN 17

Deep-fried crispy pike stripes           PLN 17



Farm greens   PLN 19

(rocket, farm cheese, tomatoes, red onion, sunflower seeds, Łękuk oil sauce)

Chicken with fruit       PLN 22

(lettuce mix, chicken breast, pear, orange, red onion, balsamic sauce)



Chilled farmhouse soup with avocado, cucumber and almonds     PLN 9

Tomato and pepper cream soup with bacon chip    PLN 9

Masurian fish soup     PLN 16

Duck stock soup          PLN 10

Soup of the day          PLN 8



Pan-fried pikeperch on aromatic spring beans with mashed potatoes     PLN 35

Trout in herb butter with toast and lettuce  PLN 32

Pan-fried catfish with roughly cut potato fries and salad    PLN 33


Vegetarian dishes

Dumplings      PLN 15

(please ask which freshly-made dumplings are available)

Potato cakes with pumpkin seeds and sour cream  PLN 15

Spotted pancakes with cheese and banana  PLN 15


Meat dishes

Pork jowls on vegetable mousse with pearl barley and carrot/beetroot salad      PLN 29

Poultry liver sprinkled with raspberry sauce, served with apple rings and rice     PLN 23

Beet greens wrapped with poultry breast with kohlrabi and rice   PLN 25

Half duck with green noodles            PLN 43

Porterhouse steak served with steamed vegetables and baked potatoes  PLN 57



Chocolate and vanilla ice cream on raspberry plate           PLN 12

Unbaked cheesecake with fruit         PLN 12

Sultan’s cream           PLN 11

Łękuk cake (different cake every day)          PLN 9


Kids’ menu

Grandma-style chicken broth with noodles  PLN 8

Crispy chicken nuggets with fries and fresh cucumber salad          PLN 15

Fluffy cakes with strawberries          PLN 10

Spotted pancake with cheese and banana    PLN 10


Fresh juices and cocktails (0.25 L)

Vitamin cocktail for beautiful skin    PLN 12

(orange, kiwi fruit, lemon)

Pressed carrot and tomato juice       PLN 12

Lemon/orange drink  PLN 7



Espresso          PLN 6

Doppio            PLN 7

Americano      PLN 6

Americano with milk  PLN 7

Cappuccino     PLN 8

Latte   PLN 8

Latte with flavoring syrup      PLN 10

Irish coffee     PLN 12

Iced coffee      PLN 10

Iced coffee with flavoring syrup        PLN 12


Hot beverages

Black/fruit tea            PLN 6

Ginger tea with cloves, lemon, and honey, with a pinch of cinnamon       PLN 10

Cocoa with foamed milk        PLN 7

Hot chocolate PLN 9


Cold beverages

Mineral water (sparkling/still) 0.3 l  PLN 4

Fruit juice 0.25 L        PLN 5

(orange, apple, blackcurrant, tomato)

Soft drink 0.2 L PLN 5 / 0.5 L PLN 7

(Pepsi, Mirinda, 7up, Schweppes, Lipton)


Bottled beer

Tyskie/Lech/Żubr       PLN 7

Grolsch           PLN 8

Non-alcoholic beer 0.33 L      PLN 6


Kormoran Brewery

Kormoran (lager) / Świeże (pale lager, unpasteurized) / Warmińskie Rewolucje (pilsner) / Orkiszowe (spelt wheat beer)   PLN 8

Miodne (honey beer) / Wiśnia w piwie (cherry beer) / Śliwka w piwie (plum beer)         PLN 9

Seasonal beers           PLN 9

Porter  PLN 10

Podpiwek (low-alcohol malt and hop drink) PLN 5

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