We have organized dozens of canoe rallies on Masurian and Lithuanian rivers. We know where it is best to launch the canoe or camp, where to look for portage and where to watch out for rapid currents and rocks; we also know what is worth seeing along the river. We have a canoe base right by the Borecka Forest, near the Łaźna Struga and Sapina river trails. All this enables us to offer unforgettable experiences on Masurian rivers and lakes.

We have French-made Vista polyethylene canoes with leakproof luggage hatches and very convenient folding seats made of special foam.

We recommend rivers of the north-eastern part of Poland, especially the Łaźna Struga  (Ełk) and Sapina river trails. And, with the Borecka Forest in the vicinity, you can explore some of the most charming lakes, such as Szwałk, Łaźno and Litygajno.

You can also go canoeing in winter on frozen rivers by taking part in the annual Masurian Winter Canoe Rally.