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Where the Borecka Forest starts, and the passion meets skillful approach to training, conferences, and bonding trips, there we are – the Łękuk Grange. In Wild Masuria, a place born to invigorate corporate wellness, we promote most of all the Open Mind in lieu of Open Bar.

A rich but difficult history of the area provides plenty opportunities to combine business with pleasure and apply CSR activities – being winners of the Responsible Business Forum award, we will be more than happy to help and advise you.

We understand perfectly that modern lifestyle, especially working life, does not help in maintaining a balance between the body, soul, and restless thoughts.

Mutual understanding and good bonding encourage us to act jointly, break the barriers – the new and natural ones and the old “tarnished” ones – coming from below the thick surface of misunderstandings.

How to achieve this? How to feel this special closeness to another person and the “cahoots” so well-known from the children’s yard? How to improve or heal the bonds between staff members?

When we close our eyes and imagine a successful team in action, we can see a bunch of scouts…

Committed, with red cheeks, they run the orienteering. Various competences seen on merit badges of cub scouts are for the whole group, each and every one must be there.

Why not continue their tradition? Why not tap into the source? Is it not a perfect introduction to gamification and staff bonding?

Do come to our place where we have reactivated childhood in adults, together with all its creativity and unused energy, a place born from passion for discovery

This is the place where CSR projects and ideas of corporate wellness come to life.

If you wish to discover the business adventure in the Łękuk Grange, just contact us, and we will do the rest.

Group enquiries, bonding and corporate wellness: ola.nowak@lekuk.pl

CSR secrets: Krzysztof.przylucki@lekuk.pl



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