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Rodzinne wczasy na MazurachAs we ourselves love active leisure with our three sons – we kindly invite families with children. We have over a dozen years of experience in active recreation, without giving up our passion for sports which are often considered too “professional” or impossible when you go with your kids. The opposite is true. Children can do a lot, and often even more than adults. They get tired (or rather bored) more quickly, but they also immediately recover their strength. They were born to be active. There is also no better way to build strong family ties than to go on an adventure together – the more difficult the trip, the longer it will be remembered.


After daily treks in the forest, by the lake, and around the Grange, there is time for well-deserved rest. Parents can enjoy their
SPA, while their kids can have fun in our playroom, or relax while listening to fairy tales.


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