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Active Recreation


We invite you to join us for a canoe rally along the picturesque and charming Łaźna Struga river. The route is approximately 10 km long, which means a journey time of around 3 hours at a regular pace, and is suitable even for beginners. We provide all equipment, including life jackets and waterproof bags as well as special seats for children. The price includes a minibus trip to the start location of the rally (approx. 6 km) and pickup from the finish (approx. 25 km).

  • Duration (including transport): approx. 4 to 5 hours
  • Price: PLN 50 per adult, PLN 35 per child


The Wisent (European bison) Sanctuary is located approximately 10 km from the Łękuk Grange. The observation platform allows you to admire these magnificent animals during their morning or evening feeding. The Wisent Enclosure is open from May 1 to October 30, 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM and 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

You will need to arrange your own transportation, but we recommend the bicycle rental at the Grange.

  • Duration: approx. 1 hour
  • Adults: PLN 5
  • Children aged 5 to 10: PLN 3


This expedition is an adventure for big and small explorers alike. We invite all nature lovers and everyone who feels at home in the backwoods. The tour is guided by an expert naturalist who has spent years actively campaigning for environmental protection.

During your walk through the Borecka Forest, you will become intimately familiar with the local fauna and flora. You may meet a wisent (European bison), an elk or even a wolf, and if you are more into flora, look out for martagon lilies and rare species of orchids. The Borecka Forest is an important sanctuary for many protected species of birds (including the white-tailed eagle, the lesser spotted eagle and the three-toed woodpecker), so we will keep an eye out for these, too.

The tours start early in the morning.

Duration: approx. 2 hours; price: determined individually (from PLN 200 per group)


The areas that surround the Grange are ideal for cycling trips, with beautiful routes between rapeseed fields and along forest paths awaiting every cycling enthusiast. Each guest can find their perfect bike trail with choices ranging from local routes of several kilometers to longer routes stretching for several dozen kilometers. The Grange is also a Cyclist-Friendly Place on the Green Velo Eastern Cycle Trail. Our offer includes a bicycle parking lot, a place where you can wash and service bikes, service equipment, tools and spares. We can also transport your bikes and luggage. Our proposed routes are: to Kruklanki, to Stare Juchy, through the Borecka Forest, and around Lake Wydmińskie.

Duration: route-dependent


  • Bicycle for an adult/adolescent: PLN 10 per 1 hour, PLN 20 per 4 hours, PLN 35 per day
  • Children’s bicycle: PLN 15 per 4 hours, PLN 25 per day (1 to 3 days)
  • Tour guide: PLN 50 per hour, PLN 300 for the entire day
  • Attractive discounts available when renting for more than 3 days!
  • Bicycle trailer: PLN 5 per 4 hours, PLN 10 per day
  • Child restraint seat: PLN 3 per 4 hours, PLN 5 per day


With the Grange sitting on the bank of Lake Łękuk, a special fishing area for predatory fish, we invite you to enjoy our angling facilities. Angling at sunrise or sunset is an extraordinary experience that can soothe your nerves and, if the catch is good, also fill your stomach. Some of the fish you can catch in our lake include pikes, pikeperches and perches. We also offer help in handling your catch.

Angling permits and equipment are available at the reception desk (a valid fishing license is required).

Duration: depending on the angler’s perseverance


Angling boat rental: PLN 9.00 per hour, PLN 22.50 per 4 hours, PLN 40.00 per day


  • 1-day permit to angle from the bank or ice: PLN 25, 1 day permit to angle from a boat: PLN 35
  • 3-day permit to angle from the bank or ice: PLN 60, 3 day permit to angle from a boat: PLN 80
  • 7-day permit to angle from the bank or ice: PLN 120, 7 day permit to angle from a boat: PLN 170
  • 14-day permit to angle from the bank or ice: PLN 150, 14 day permit to angle from a boat: PLN 300


  • Additional drama, cooking, sports, dance, art or other workshops which can be organized on demand
  • Maps with bicycle routes, interesting trails
  • Babysitter services available on request (PLN 50 per hour)
  • Nordic walking pole rental
  • Horse riding at the nearby stables in Gajrowskie
  • Coach trips to Lithuania (Vilnius, Castle of Trakai, Klaipėda)