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Discovery and adventure

  • In Wild Masuria, at the edge of Borecka Forest

  • Adventure for both grown up and small explorers

  • We will instill a passion for walking

  • We will heal your soul an body with natural methods...

  • We will become friends…

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What the menu of the “Fire and Water” restaurant offers is predominantly slow meals – with warmth, talks, native buzz, delight over the taste of food – which has always been a foundation of family and social life.

And as we all well know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day! You cannot neglect it.

Our hotel dog, Grommit, will welcome you in the reception area, inviting you to breakfast. We will be able to hear the voice of the skylark on the restaurant’s terrace, and maybe even the joyful splash of fish in Lake Łękuk, and Mrs. Krysia… will make home-made butter herself!

The buffet serves a bunch of fresh delicacies from our own or our neighbor’s vegetable garden every day, and scrambled eggs are prepared on the braciere of the tiled stove.

What shall we do with a day that started so nicely?