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We invite you to use our cross-country ski rental. We have equipment for professional preparation of ski routes and

maintain 3 different, beautifully landscaped classic ski routes (4 km, 3.8 km and 0.7 km). We also offer 4 cross-country routes, mainly across the Borecka Forest (more than 60 km in total). In addition, we provide maps and GPS traces.

The grounds surrounding the Grange are ideal for winter walks. As can be expected of the Mazury Garbate (Hunchbacked Masuria) region, we have a well undulating landscape, and there are a lot of hills. Also, our farmland has no fences to hamper the lives of skiers. We suggest that an ideal solution for beginners would be to walk on the pre-war, closed railway line bank. Since Łękuk is one of the highest points in the area, the views are breathtaking – in frosty, crystal-clear air, you can see as far as a dozen kilometers away. In its winter scenery, the Borecka Forest, sitting but a few steps away from us, looks absolutely gorgeous. Wildlife tracking in the snow is a fascinating game. Who knows, you may even have an encounter with European bison, the king of the forest!

Our rental offers backcountry skis. These are slightly broader than a typical “cross-country” version, therefore perfectly suited for diverse terrain. We use state-of-the-art SNS Profil bindings and proper boots. We have skis in different sizes; however, due to limited quantity, we recommend advance booking (please give us your height, approximate weight and boot size).


We offer ski routes and trips with various difficulty levels, including offerings for complete beginners who would like to see if they catch the cross-country skiing bug. You will get free training and field information, and if necessary, an instructor and a guide will join you on your trip. Most of our proposed routes lead across the local hilly countryside and the Borecka Forest as well as along the old railway line bank. You can also make ski trips across frozen lakes, but they require special care as well as knowledge of such walking conditions and the associated dangers. As a result, they are not recommended for beginners.

Having walked for several hours or even the whole day, you will be delighted to warm up in our “Fire and Water” restaurant, enjoying hot chocolate by the tiled stove. An even better idea is to warm yourself up in the Łękuk Baths and then jump into the tempting coolness of an ice hole on the lake. You are also welcome to spend more time with us by taking advantage of our weekend and one-week stays – there are more than enough ski routes available.

Once you have trekked around this area, you will surely fall in love with the landscapes and nature of the Masurian frontiers, and will keep coming back…

We also have an offer for downhill skiers: there are three different hills in the vicinity of the Grange, all lighted and with snow cannons available (Okrągłe, Gołdap and Szelment near Suwałki). And a bit further away, there is the Ski Arena, an all-year covered ski slope in Druskininkai (Lithuania)!