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Wellness is an indefinitely multidimensional word. It embodies everything that will give us HEALTH from the body cell to the deepest reaches of the SOUL.


Walks in the Borecka Forest, jogging by Lake Łękuk, bicycle trips along the “Broken Semaphores Trail”, canoe rallies on Łaźna Struga, fitness and gym, cross-country skiing, refreshing swim in the lake – in winter also bathing in an ice hole – will supply oxygen to your mind and muscle.


Sauna, massage, purifying rituals accompanied by music, candlelight, and essential oils in the Łękuk Baths will calm your senses, and restore internal balance to help you ‘reconnect’.


In the evening, after an active day, a relaxing afternoon in the SPA, and a slow dinner made from local delicacies, we will take you to the terrace overlooking a sandy beach for a cup of green tea or a glass of dry wine. And the terrace, again, offers … WELLNESS – delicate water waves of Lake Łękuk will calm your senses in thanks for listening to its murmur.


Holistic Wellness of the Łękuk Grange rooted in the gifts of nature includes:


  • Healthy food from our vegetable garden and herbarium, orchard, forest, our neighbors’ cows and bees
  • Relaxation, peace and quiet, and the cleanest air in Poland
  • Deep sleep in “grandma’s” starched bed linen
  • Clean water, Lake Łękuk, Łaźna Struga river
  • SPA treatment: inspired by Ayurveda, natural, Slavonic, care, stress-relieving
  • Active recreation


Terapie i rytuały w spa Łękuk

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